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{September 12, 2008}   Lipstick…

Pig with lipstick on blast on Palin? Little insecure are we?

So, since Palin compare herself to a pit bull with lipstick on (which everyone thought was so cute) now anyone who puts lipstick on an animal is attacking her?  Well, my pets better look out ‘cuz Mamma’s comin’ at ya with not only the stick, but some nice shiny gloss!

We all know Obama was not personally attacking her, but I guess you Repubs do have to find something to criticize the man for.

Now lets talk about Palin being into Pentecostalism.  Speaking in tongues? What huh? Is this the leader all you Repubs want?

When the Pentecostal movement began many women were in leadership roles and then pushed back into more supportive roles due to Timothy 2:12, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.”

 Will she stay silent when a lets say male terrorist is threatening our country. Isn’t running for VP going against her own religious beliefs?

 If she can turn on her own beliefs why won’t she turn on anything?

Maybe religion shouldn’t matter, maybe race and gender shouldn’t either, but we all know it does.



{September 4, 2008}   Politics

Okay, whats the deal Republicans?

McCain Palin? Seriously?

McCain not so bad, but then he could kick the bucket any day now. Do you really want the Self proclaimed “Hockey Mom” from Alaska to take over when he does?

So, let’s see…infant with Downs, knocked up 17 year old, and claims to be a “Hockey Mom”, how does she plan to be a mother to an infant, let alone an infant with special needs, take care of a teenage daughter who will need her most just about the time she would be sworn in (if they win) and go to hockey games, I think not.

Now, I am all for a female in office, and my next opinion is not gender specific. If you choose to have 5 children, you choose a life dedicated to family, especially for 18 years. Man or woman should not have accepted this nomination with what is going on with their family.

On a different note will she have full attention on her “job”?

Would you with an infant and a knocked up teenage daughter or in the future your first grandchild at home?

I wouldn’t.

However most of us have the luxury of not being 100% 100% of the time at our jobs, but she wouldn’t.

Anyone out there with teenagers?

What a role model, the Vice Presidents daughter had sex, and got pregnant out of wedlock, why not the rest of our teens.

Whats next Spears and Lohan in the oval office?

No, I’m not claiming Palin has a substance abuse problem, but I am claiming that people in the media or in a role that young women look up to should be respectable role models. Is Palin who you want your young daughters looking up to? Yes, historical, but look at the facts.

Now, her husband is a snow plow racing champion, and her sister does run a service station, so you may be a redneck if you vote McCain Palin…

{May 29, 2008}   Can’t Sleep…

I often can’t sleep at night. I mean I fall asleep, but the I’m awake. This all started when I had a somewhat traumatic experience, so as I lay awake my mind would relive every tragic moment, this is when I discovered the N Network!

It’s a network with re runs of all the great teen dramas, Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, etc.

So it wasn’t long before I discovered that at 2:00am each night I could join Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen at the creek! Like all good things my ansomnia came to an end, well not really, I just started waking up at 5:00am instead of 2 and lost touch with my friends!

 Then  a great thing happened I came across a show called Summerland, I caught a marathon of it in the middle of the night and watched 5 episodes! I was exhausted the next day, but it was worth it ‘cuz that Jonnie is hot! Don’t worry he’s a grown up, I’m not lusting over a teen boy in the middle of the night!

So now as I try to sleep, I have my DVR set to keep up with my new pals!

Keep laughing for some of us its the only ab workout we get!

{May 23, 2008}   Sex and the City


The movie is almost out! I am a HUUUUGE Sex and the City fan, I can almost recite and remember what Carrie was wearing in all 7 seasons.

So I’ve been waiting for the girls to come to the big screen and now they’re almost here!!!! YEAH!!!

Nope…see I have this weird clostrophobia thing. See whenever I am in a theatre, arena, at aconcert, you know anywhere the fun things take place, I think “Oh shit, how will I get out if there is a fire, earthquake tsunami?” You know any of your mager natural disasters.

Once I talk myself down from this ledge I think “Oh shit, GERMS!”

Next, “Oh shit, I bet there is lice on this seat!”

By this point I am sweating, shaking, grossed out and positive that one of the above mentioned wil happen at any moment. So, now its time to go.

Note this all happens within the first five to ten seconds after arrival!

So, I guess I will wait for the girls to come to DVD!

Keep laughing, for some of us its the only ab workout we get!

{May 18, 2008}   Waiting to talk…

Some could say I am very opinionated, those who don’t are wrong!

I have very strong opinions and am not afraid to voice them. I say what others think and keep to themselves.

My theory, right or wrong, is that the more people you share your thoughts with, the more will share theirs with you. Conversation brings knowledge and growth to all.

For those of you who have not been following the Knightshadow saga-you need to catch up!

For those of you all caught up, what I’ve learned is that Knightshadow is not ready to grow or become at all well rounded.

He claims I do not know him…True? Maybe…maybe not, but for someone who does not know me perhaps the talk of taking “legal recourse” is not wise.

Well, Knightshadow, On The Vine, Also Annonymous, and anyone else who would like to get my opinion, give their opinion, or discuss this saga or any other, feel free to comment and I will respond, if not I guess I will close this book as tight as Knightshadow has closed his mind on this subject. Hope to hear from you all.


{May 16, 2008}   Come Talk To Me…

I have not blogged in a while, but I have been visiting other blogs, and I have invited some new friends to chat with me…lets see if they do… Anonymous, Knightshadow are you there or are you scared?

{April 16, 2008}   Funny Funny Vaycay…

We’ve all planned a vacation right? Right? So, I planned a fabulous vaycay for Husbando and I, wedding anniversary, Palm Springs, condo, private pool and spa, great right?…Don’t you know me by now…WRONG!

Two days before we left Husbando seperated his shoulder! Sucky, sucky, long time! I was bummed, then I got pissed, then I came to my senses.

Things can always be worse, things have been worse, things will be worse.

Condo: $245.00

Food and booze: $184.36

Vicodin: $5.00 (Great prescriptionplan-not dealer!)

Husbando in the pool naked all weekend in pain or not: PRICELESS

Keep laughing no matter WHAT for some of us its the only ab workout we get!

{April 6, 2008}   Why no one reads my blog…

No one reads this, or no one finds anything they would like to comment on. Recently I was reading other blogs to see what, if anything I was doing wrong. What I found was most people blogging seem to have some sort of platform…a band, politics, religion, and in their blogs they put off people who don’t agree with them.

Few open up a forum to discuss or argue the point each party stands by. I would like to change this!

In dealing with religion I don’y feel anyone “knows,” we all believe, no matter what anyone tells me, you don’t “know ,”  you believe. Don’t get me wrong beliefs are great, we all need them to survive, but in the end we won’t “know” until we die, and see whats on the other side.

So, now we’ve covered religion, lets talk politics. Unfortunately religion plays a part in this as well, mainly in dealing with the Pro Life/Pro Choice issue. It’s easy for all of us to say it’s against God to “kill” a baby, however there are circumstances that make it neccessary. No, this doesn’t make me cold hearted, as some one who has had a misscarriage, don’t label me as that. I don’t think that abortion should be used as birth control, however, there are situations that warrant abortion. Perhaps God takes care of it, if needs be, perhaps not, some of you will say it should always be in His hands, I don’t.

Other high horses, music. There is no bad music, only music you don’t understand or are afraid to listen to.

Racism, we all have it. Yes, we all do! No matter what race, we all put some people in a catagorie.  Poor white trash, Jesus freak, gangster. Don’t act like you haven’t used those terms, similar terms, or more offensive terms. None of us are saints, we all fall into some catagory, we are all outsiders to someone else, does that make us all racists? I think so. You don’t have to be the majority to be a racist.

With that said, comment, agree with me, debate with me, laugh at me, argue with me, I’m open to it all!

Keep laughing, for some of us its the only ab workout we get!

{April 2, 2008}   Home Alone…

Do you ever wish for that time alone, then when you get it you’re just lonely?

Welcome to my world…

Too much time alone, means too much time alone!

This sucks!

Husbandos at work, my person, (my sis) out with her fam and God, Mammacito Rosarito, Conchito with her…how do I put it nicely, oh screw nicely that motherfucking, lying, bastard, asshole, piece of shit boyfriend, Ricky. Back ground: He tells stories of all the heroic jobs he’s held, and things he’s done, but none of it is true. What is true is that he’s thrown me out of “His House” the one that him and my Mother live in, twice. The first time on my birthday, the second on Christmas morning. Christmas morning I was accompanied in being thrown out by my Sis, her Husabando, all four of her kids, and my Husbando.

Things obviously have been rocky over there ever since. I won’t go there, she can rarely comes here, messy. Anyhoo, I called her to chat tonight, but she had to go cook dinner for Ricky, she always has to do something for Ricky.


This brings me back to too much time alone…too much time to think and get pissed off.

All thats left is reality TV! Big Brother, Survivor, Beauty And the Geek, Dancing with the Stars…come 8pm they’re always there for me, writters strike or not reality TV never leaves me!

Keep laughing for some of us its the only ab workout we get!

{April 2, 2008}   Depressed Blogger…

Well it seems no one out there wants to read my blog. That sucks. You know I got in to this with my sis, but the thing about my sis is she gets obsessed with a hobby, for a minute, then she moves on, well shes moved on from her blogging obsession. Now I feel alone in this world.

Should I give up or become obsessed? What a question…it relates to too many parts of life. Hurt feelings, past tragedies, move on or become obsessed?

 We never become obsessed with the good things in life, we as a society never obsess over how happy we are, how great our job is, how much our family and friends love us, but we are the first to obsess about how much money we don’t make, how are family pisses us off, and how we work too hard. Why is this?

It takes so much more energy to be pissed off than to be happy, yet isn’t it almost more enjoyable to be pissed off? Good news gets delivered, bad news gets discussed. Why do we go over and over why “she is a bitch” or, “he is an asshole” or “how am I going to pay that bill” or “how could this happen to me” but we never go over and over “I had such a great day” or, “he brought me flowers” or, “wow what did happen to me could’ve been worse.”

Why is everything bad so big and everything good is bigger as a memory? When we get past the bad, they say it gets easier to deal with, when we get further from the good, our memories of it makes it better. How do we enjoy today today good or bad, and leave it behind with the dawn of tomorrow?

How do I get my funny back without my sis by my side? If I lose my funny and pour out my woes, will anyone read my blog?

Perhaps, I should live today for today, enjoy my blog, and hope my sis will join me again soon.

Or maybe I should just quit!

Keep laughing for some of us its the only ab work out we get!

et cetera